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I have exceptional computer management skills, with the ability to tackle and solve problems within a short period of time, I am a creative computer science professional with 4 years’ experience. With a strong foundation in WordPress Management, Woo-commerce, helping several firms in optimizing their productivity and accountability with my skills, knowledge and experience. I have in-depth knowledge in Web designing, digital content creation and Content Writing



A website for an health company that also facilitates the migration of European nursing professionals to the United States, working closely with American healthcare organizations and employing a stringent selection process to ensure compliance with U.S. nursing standards.


A website for a leading provider of any type of security technology equipment in Nigeria. Their company base on supply and installation smartlocks equipments,hotel locks,FINGER PRINT LOCK for apartment and offices,automatic sliding glass and gate,access control systems control with biometric and password with card


An online store for a wide range of small and large machines, catering to agriculture, power generation, construction, and more. Find top-notch equipment to enhance efficiency and productivity across various industries.


As the curator of Gap Care’s social media presence, I spotlight the heart and soul of their mission: delivering flexible home care in Croydon and neighboring regions. From uplifting stories of community integration to insights on personalized services and the 6Cs of exceptional care, our page embodies Gap Care’s commitment to individual well-being and quality healthcare. Join us as we celebrate the compassionate caregivers who make a difference every day.

souls of the ancient

An E-Commerce Clothing Online Store for a passionate designers (Olanrewaju Babatunde) who aimed to blend timeless elegance with modern fashion.Inspired by ancient cultures and their rich heritage, the brand started as a small boutique but quickly gained recognition for its unique style and commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Wordpress Website Designer

I specialize in crafting unique and personalized websites that align with your brand, offering a seamless user experience and leaving a lasting impression on your audience

Funnel Building

I craft personalized funnels that maximize engagement and drive conversions. From captivating landing pages to strategic sequences, I design each step of the funnel to optimize your sales process and maximize your ROI.

Content Writer

I excel in crafting captivating content that not only tells your story but also engages your audience, ensuring a powerful online presence

Cyber Security Advisor

With a keen focus on cyber security, I implement robust measures to safeguard your website, providing a secure online space for your visitors and customers

Knowledge in HML/CSS

HTML/CSS Knowledge: My proficiency in HTML and CSS allows me to bring your vision to life by creating visually stunning and seamlessly functioning websites that leave a lasting impression